Monday, November 15, 2010

Kids: Safety, Bullying, and Internet

Dear Friends,

It is coming at us from all directions:  News, magazines, editorials, and now blogging.  The issue of bullying is inescapable and scary.

The Challenge Day program is one of the most powerful, lasting, and effective programs around when it comes to breaking down the walls of isolation and empowering kids to change the culture of the school.  To see a video gallery, click here.
I'm sure there are plenty more programs that deserve mention.  Here is a "starter list" of resources:

Two Arizona Girls start a Non-Profit Anti-Bullying Group - Read more...
"Be The Change" Movement:  Efforts around the U.S. by teenagers, adults  - check this out
Creating Safe Places for Gay, Lesbian, & Straight Educational Network (GLSEN) click here
Ohio Laws on Bullying - Read on
Blogspot for Parents of Victims - Visit blogspot

Please add whatever can! 

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